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Charm Lodge: The Ultimate Micro Wedding Destination

An Intimate, Budget-Friendly, and Personalised Experience

A micro wedding is an intimate celebration with somewhere between 2 to 60. Small in nature, a micro-wedding is considered an excellent option for couples who want something stress-free and personalised that genuinely reflects their personalities. They also offer more flexibility over traditional weddings by allowing you to tailor every aspect of their day while staying within budget. Learn more about our micro wedding packages.

3 benefits of having a micro wedding

Intimate and casual atmosphere

A small wedding provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate with your closest loved ones. You can pick the location that works best for you. You’ll also have more freedom to plan your vows and decorate the space however you’d like.

Budget-friendly celebration

Couples looking for an affordable way to get married might consider having a micro wedding. Since there are fewer guests, there will be less food and alcohol needed at the reception, which can help keep costs down. Plus, if you’re working with a budget, it’s easier to know exactly how much money will be spent on each aspect of the event — from catering to flowers — so that you don’t end up paying more than planned on extras like entertainment or decorations!

Personalised wedding experience

If you love being surrounded by family and friends, a micro wedding is the way to go. It has all the benefits of a traditional wedding but with a more intimate and casual atmosphere.

Charm Lodge Micro Wedding Packages

Charm Lodge offers a one-of-a-kind micro-wedding experience that is both intimate and luxurious. The venue is situated by Lake Charm in Victoria’s Northern River region and the property offers breathtaking gardens and farmlands providing a gorgeous backdrop for your special day. With the option of DIY and BYO weddings, you can create your dream wedding exactly how you want it.

The micro wedding package at Charm Lodge includes a range of amenities such as accommodation, wedding venue, freestyling furniture, decorations, and supplies. The Shed and The Grove reception spaces are available for your event, and the beautiful gardens and farm provide the perfect backdrop for unique and memorable photos. With the option of a leisurely stroll around the lake, watching the sunset and moon rise, or simply lounging on the lawn to admire the stars. 

A Charm Lodge wedding is about creating an experience you and your guests will always remember.

micro wedding packages victoria
Charm Lodge

Wedding Accommodation

For those looking to accommodate all their guests on-site, Charm Lodge offers the option of Glamping, a company that provides all tents and furnishings and sets them up for you. A fantastic choice for those wanting to create a mini festival-like atmosphere for their micro wedding. 

With on-site toilets and showers, your guests will have everything they need for a comfortable stay. The site fee for the tents is minimal and provides an excellent alternative to traditional hotel accommodation. Whether you choose to DIY and BYO or opt for Glamping, Charm Lodge offers a unique and unforgettable wedding experience that will make your special day truly memorable.